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Steps to get an Emotional Support Animal Letter Online

You simply need to follow 3 easy steps. The process is very simple and easy to understand. You can apply from your phone or desktop online and get an ESA letter within minutes.

Emotional Support Animal Letter

Fill a Form

Sign up and fill a questionnaire. Provide the necessary details and fill the mandatory fields carefully. The information is stored in the HIPAA protected database. It will hardly take you five minutes to fill an application and find out if you're an eligible candidate for an ESA letter.

Emotional Support Animal Letter

Speak to a Licensed Health Professional

Have a face-to-face consultation with a state-licensed therapist. We will help you connect with the doctor over our systemized telemedicine platform and you can tell us about your emotional support animal and mental health condition for a thorough evaluation.

Emotional Support Animal Letter New york

Receive Your ESA Letter

After qualification receives an electronic copy of the ESA letter via email within minutes. The hard copy of the letter is delivered at your doorstep through state postal services in 1-2 business days. Download the soft copy and use it the same day to spend more time with your emotional support animal.

Who can Get an ESA Letter Online in New York?

Anyone suffering from mental health conditions such as anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder can get an ESA letter for their emotional support animal. Patients with mental health disorders such as phobia, fear, panic, separation anxiety, stress, and generalized anxiety also qualify as eligible candidates for an emotional support animal letter.

It’s perfectly normal to seek doctors who provide an emotional support animal letter. If you believe that your dog or cat can help you cope up with mental disorders, do not be afraid to talk about it. Nowadays, one in four Americans suffers from some or the other form of mental disability. So, getting an emotional support animal letter for your medical condition will help you lead a better life. Reach out to us and we will assist you in getting an ESA letter from a state-licensed therapist.

Your ESA letter must contain details such as the expiration date, the issuance date, doctors sign or stamp, and the mental health condition for which the letter is being provided. If your ESA letter fails to mention any of the above-stated requirements, the letter is good as a plain white paper. That's why you need to get your ESA letter from state-licensed therapists or health physicians only, and we have a team of medical health professionals who can help you get an ESA letter instantly.


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Why Get Your ESA Letter From Us?

If you get your ESA letter from us, you can safely use it to get accommodation in houses with no accommodation policies. You will also learn that state-certified mental health professionals have given you consent to stay with your ESA and use it to support your mental health condition. In other words, this also means that you qualify to avail of an ESA letter for your furry or feline friend and no one can deny your accommodation. No matter where you live, our licensed mental health professionals will listen to everything about your pet, access your medical history, study your symptoms, and then help you get a PDF copy of the ESA letter instantly. This way you will be able to further better your life and go wherever you want with your pet confidently.


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How to Know if Your ESA Letter is Legit?

With so many cases of ESA letter forgery emerging nowadays, it has become vital to get an emotional support animal letter from a trustworthy and reliable source. We can help you get a legit letter from state-certified mental health professionals. Our doctors hold active licenses and they have extensive experience in providing ESA recommendations to patients who think an emotional support animal can help them lead a healthy life. If you have a mental health problem, you can easily get an ESA letter from our licensed mental health professionals.

Once approved, you will receive an ESA letter consisting of details that’ll help you recognize whether your letter is legit or not. To begin with, we provide an ESA letter on the doctor's letterhead with details such as the doctor's phone number. The letter also consists of mental health professionals' license number. This helps the patients learn that they are getting an ESA letter from an active license holder who resides in the same state as you.

In addition to this, ESA letters provided by our mental health professionals have an issuance and expiration date clearly mentioned in the letter. The ESA letter is valid for up to one year from the date of issuance. You can get it renewed soon after it expires from our doctors. The life of your ESA letter begins from the day a doctor provides a written recommendation. This way you can calculate when exactly your letter will expire and mark the calendar for the renewal date.

The most vital details that our doctors always mention in the letter are the type of mental health condition, the ESAs name, type of animal, and your pet's certification ID number. This further strengthens the eligibility of the ESA letter and we ensure that your letter contains every detail. We also ensure that the letter is signed and stamped by the doctor.


How Do Pets Provide Emotional Support?

While we fully understand that emotional support is necessary for those who suffer from severe mental health problems. Recognizing how animals can provide emotional support is also a vital part of the animal-human support cycle. Only a proper understanding will enable you to explain how your ESA letter can support your mental health condition. For instance, dogs can help ease stress, and cats can provide the company whenever you feel lonely or depressed. With all these benefits associated with an ESA, the only thing that you need is a valid letter. Luckily, If you get your ESA letter from us, here’s how an emotional support animal will help you.


Quality Life

Emotional support animals can help improve the quality of your life by constantly providing care and love. Moreover, pets exhibit positive energy, which will help you feel better, younger, and happy.


Physical Health

Having an ESA means that you have to take them out for a walk, play with them, or run with them while they try to catch a ball. Indirectly or directly, these activities will keep you fit and you will start feeling healthy without your knowledge.



Patients suffering from mental health conditions often isolate themselves. This action results in prolonged anxiety and depressive episodes. The company of an emotional support animal can help prevent these conditions from recurring frequently.


Social Behavior

ESA can act as your social companion and provide the added courage required to meet new people and more vitally help you interact. You will never feel alone. While your pet will help you talk to other pet owners, you will successfully alleviate the symptoms associated with social anxiety.

Providing the Care You Deserve - Our Mission and Vision

One in four Americans face mental health problems and it is an uprising issue that requires immediate attention. Mental health professionals at ESA Letter recognize the problem. They support the cause by providing ESA letters to those seeking help from therapists and other mental health professionals. We believe that animal therapy works as effectively as any other behavioral therapy for mild to severe mental health problems.

Our vision is simple and clear cut. We want to help patients suffering from mental health issues. For the same, we have gathered a team of licensed mental health professionals from whom you can get an ESA letter online. By combining technology and our expert knowledge of mental health issues, we also aim at expanding the ESA care to every patient who deserves it.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Fill an application, provide all the details required, and submit a state-issued ID along with medical documents.
  2. Talk to our mental health professional via video call. Ask away any question and get thoroughly evaluated for your mental health problem.
  3. Once approved, receive an electronic copy of the ESA letter via email. The hard copy will be delivered within 1-2 business days through postal services. Our letter is accepted in all 50 US states.

Yes, you can live with multiple ESA’s accordance with the Fair Housing Act.

Your ESA letter must mention all the additional ESAs that live with you. This can help you in putting a case if a landlord refuses to provide fair accommodation because of your emotional support animals.

These are some of the best Emotional Support dog breeds:

Ideally, the best emotional support Dog breeds as patients prefer them when it comes to emotional support.

  • Golden retriever
  • labradors
  • corgi
  • collies

Here's how you can fly with an ESA

To fly with an ESA, you need to have an ESA letter from a licensed professional. Starting December 2, 2020, you will not be able to fly with an ESA in-cabin. But for an additional fee, your ESA can travel in the cargo hold with other animals.

There are several ways to ensure whether or not your ESA letter is legit.

  • Follow the points below to make sure you get a genuine ESA letter.
  • This is How You Can Ensure Your ESA Letter is Legit
  • Your ESA letter is written by a licensed healthcare professional on his official letterhead.
  • Your ESA letter should contain the contact details, address, and licensing information of the healthcare professional.
  • The clinic may provide telehealth services but should also have a physical address.

Here are the best Emotional Support Cat Breeds.

Ideally, the best emotional support Cat breeds as patients prefer them when it comes to emotional support.

  • Maine coon
  • American bobtail
  • Ragdoll
  • Persian