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About Us


Secure Services

We ensure that our patients' medical data is stored on a private server. For the same, we allow patients to use our HIPAA-protected telemedicine platform. The information remains on the HIPAA server and no one including the staff members of the clinic has access to that information.


Legal Protection

You don’t have to worry about a possible arrest or a fine from the legal authorities. If you get an ESA letter from us, you will only get an ESA letter if our doctors deem it fit. Also, the license no. of the mental health professional is mentioned in the letter to help patients verify their doubts.


100% Money-Back Guarantee

In case you fail to qualify for an ESA letter, you don’t have to pay. The consultation will be free. Patients who qualify, ideally, get a PDF copy of the letter instantly via email, and they can use the letter to rent accommodation or fly with their pet.

We Combine Technology With High-Quality Services

At ESA Letter NY, we believe in the power of providing ESA letters through telemedicine. You can talk to our mental health professionals via video call and discuss your problems. The evaluation process is fast, convenient, and very easy. All you need is a secure connection along with a phone or a laptop so that you can talk to the doctor properly.

We also have the provision of in-clinic visits. Patients can make an appointment and have a face-to-face consultation with mental health professionals.



We provide 100% legit emotional support animal letters. This has helped us serve thousands of patients suffering from mental health issues across New York state.



Our team of mental health professionals understands the power of ESAs. We have seen patients receiving emotional support from their ESAs in the past 18 years. That’s why we believe that animal therapy can be used as an effective treatment plan.



We have always aimed at providing high-quality services through passionate care. Whether you need an ESA letter for housing purposes or to fly with your ESA, our mental health physicians will evaluate your condition with care.



You will receive an ESA letter at an affordable price. Our pricing plans are cost-effective, and only qualified patients pay for their ESA letters.

Our Philosophy

ESA Doctor NY goes one step ahead by helping patients get the care they need. We believe that mental health problems deserve the utmost attention and any form of support should be considered as a treatment option. Also, with the rise in cases of ESA letter forgery, it becomes even more vital for us to provide high-quality ESA associated services. The reason why we have a team of state-licensed mental health professionals with years of experience and hands-on knowledge of mental health disorders.

We are proud to offer an online service through a full-fledged website and a chat support system. Our process enables the team to provide excellent healthcare services. In turn, our patients get a legit ESA letter hassle-free.