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ESA Letter

Get ESA letter and follow the latest dog training trends

Dog training is an important part of grooming any canine. Choke collar days are mostly gone and trainers are exploring scientific ways to make training more effective. Dogs are great emotional support animals and with an ESA letter NY, you get the legal right to own an ESA.

Dog training has evolved over the years. People are always experimenting with new ways to see which approach works best. The trends are always changing and it’s important to be aware of them. Let’s learn more about the latest trends.


For a considerable period of time, dog training was mostly about forcing or suppressing behaviors owners are not comfortable with. Certain interactions like trimming nails or bathing can make your dogs uncomfortable. Plus, dogs might not like being touched in a certain way. Considering this, owners are increasingly getting comfortable with the idea of respecting a dog’s preferences. They are avoiding any training methods that force the canine to act in a certain way.

The latest training framework looks at consent. The days of harsher approaches are gone. The new method is all about reinforcing behaviors that the dogs are not comfortable with. It’s mostly about improving communicational behavior. This eventually leads to better relationships with dogs.

Online Training

This might seem like a stupid idea but after the coronavirus pandemic, this has become a norm. It’s common to see dog trainers using one on one or group zoom sessions. Earlier the trend seemed temporary but with time, we have realized that this is here to stay. Well, there are various advantages associated with online training. The dogs are not distracted because they are not traveling to a new place. Plus, you can save more because you don’t have to pay the dog trainer for traveling. This helps you in saving money and time.

The fact that there is no physical presence means that trainers are able to enhance their verbal communication skills. Like they don’t have to demonstrate an action to instruct a dog. This also opens doors to finding better trainers because you are no longer limited to finding trainers in your own area. So, you can explore more and find the best one for yourself.


This is based on the idea that training works best in a single location. Most people tend to take their dogs out for a walk or train them in a constantly changing setting. So, this approach is a lot different. For instance, training a dog at a specific spot like a mat is getting more common. This approach is mostly used in training exotic animals in zoos but now, it’s becoming a part of dog training too. For most people, this might be a surprising idea but trainers mention that it is a great step forward in dog training. The fact that dogs are willing to stand in one place and pay attention to your actions is an achievement.

Dog-Centered Approach

As we already discussed, there is a huge shift from harsh training methods to fragile ones. Lately, dog trainers are mostly concentrating on the idea of understanding the dog’s perspective. They want to concentrate on things that the dog is comfortable with and there is more emphasis on the dog’s overall well-being. This develops your bond with the canine and makes training more effective.

Use Training as a Recreational Activity

More and more people are seeing training as a recreational activity. They are just doing it for fun and enjoying the activity with dogs. This can mostly be due to the change in lifestyle during the COVID-19 pandemic. Well, infusing an element of fun is always good. This is not just limited to normal people, professional trainers are also using this approach to train dogs. They are in favor of experimenting with fun tips and tricks. This makes things easier and you see training as an enjoyable activity.

Get an ESA Letter in NY

If you want to get the legal right to live and fly with your pet, getting an emotional support animal letter is the best idea. The process is fairly easy. You’ll have to find a trusted clinic that houses certified mental heath experts. Next, you’ll have to apply online and the clinic links you to a certified mental health specialist who screens your health and sees if you have a genuine need for an ESA. If you qualify, the doctor approves your request and you can own an ESA letter in NY.

So, do get an ESA letter and follow these latest trends to give a new dimension to your dog training