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Emotional Support Dogs: Why Should You Get Them Certified?

There is no lack of information on the internet about how dogs are a great addition to the family. They not only add liveliness to your otherwise dull home but also keep you physically and mentally fit. That’s right. It’s proven that dogs can help improve your immunity. At the same time, a dog will also be that warm hand on the shoulder (in this case a warm paw) in times when you are feeling low. That’s why people suffering from PTSD or patients at a hospital with serious diseases find emotional relief with dogs. 

So, does your dog act like a white cane through your emotional distress? If your answer is a strong yes then you need to get yourself an ESA Letter NY. Now you may wonder, what is it and why do you need one? Let’s find out.

What Is an ESA Letter?

Your dog may be providing you the necessary emotional support but it is not officially an emotional support animal until it is certified. An ESA letter is the certification that gives your dog the official title of an Emotional Support Animal. 

An ESA letter is also often referred to as a prescription letter or an ESA evaluation. It is an official document that only a licensed mental health physician has the authority to give out to you. It basically states that your medical condition needs an emotional support animal as a part of the treatment. So, you can be with your dog at all times without having to deal with any restrictions. 

An ESA letter is not just a treatment for you and a certification for your dog. It also provides several advantages that only a person with an ESA letter can benefit from. 

Why Do You Need an ESA Letter in New York?

You need an ESA letter in New York because it benefits you. It is a smart move that keeps you closer to your dog at all times. You won’t have to fight to travel with your dog or keep it in your rented apartment. That’s because the government allows you certain privileges with an ESA letter. 

Live With Your Dog

According to the Fair Housing Act (FHA), any tenant with mental or physical ability who requires the assistance of animals to conduct everyday activities cannot be discriminated against by the landlord. So, if you want to live with your dog in a property or a society with no-pet policies, you still can with an ESA letter. 

The letter alone is enough to allow you and your dog on the property. The owner cannot ask you for any other documents such as your medical documents. 

Fly With Your Dog Without Restrictions

If you are someone who travels a lot, an ESA letter is the best choice for you. You don’t have to worry about leaving your dog behind or putting them in a cage in the back of an airplane for long hours. According to the Air Carrier Access Act, if you have an ESA letter from a licensed mental health physician, you will be able to take your dog inside the airplane cabin. 

However, make sure to connect with the airport authorities beforehand. There are certain rules every airline has regarding ESAs. For example, your dog needs to be on a leash and should be a size that fits on your lap. Reach the airport an hour before the scheduled time to avoid any complications. 

No Extra Costs

Whether you are living with your pet or traveling with them to a new state or for a vacation, you don’t have to give any extra costs as long as you have a valid ESA letter. No one can ask you to pay or show any other documents. Because the government laws allow you to live and travel with your ESA without any restrictions or costs. 

How to Get an ESA Letter NY?

Getting an ESA letter is not rocket science. All you need to do is connect with a mental health professional. It can be a psychiatrist, a psychologist or a licensed counselor. Get an appointment and receive your ESA letter.

Or you can choose a more convenient way and get your ESA letter from us.

All you have to do is register and fill a form about your medical condition. We will connect you with trained and licensed doctors who will evaluate you to determine if you need an ESA letter or not. If you qualify, you get your letter on your email instantly. If you don’t qualify, you get all your money back. 

So, what are you waiting for? Get your ESA letter NY and say hello to a healthy life with your Emotional Support Dog.