emotional support dog

In a unique incident, an ESA dog joins university high school

The newest member of staff members of the University High School staff is not able to read, write or engage in a conversation, but can assist students in a manner that isn’t recognized by counselors and teachers.

He could sit, stand at home, or even come in and, most important of all, be a calm presence for an angry and troublesome student or an unthreatening person to others.

Bear the mellow one-year-old sheepadoodle, is making his summer tour in University High School as the Waco Independent School District’s first emotional support dog. While his specific duties, as well as schedule, are in the process of being developed Bear and their handler English instructor and cheerleader patron Alyssa Grammer, are becoming familiar with The University’s gymnasium and hallways.

The modest Bear is already winning over the University’s cheerleaders while they train and prepare for the start of school.

“He’s their baby,” Grammer declared. “They ultimately want him to be part of their hierarchy. They’ve truly adopted him.”

Bear and a third dog to be conceived in The Greater Waco Advanced Health Care Academy are the latest additions to the district’s mental health services. Waco ISD has added a certified professional counselor for employee assistance this year. Additionally, the district has introduced a brand new social-emotional education for employees and students.