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In a unique incident, an ESA dog joins university high school

The newest member of staff members of the University High School staff is not able to read, write or engage in a conversation, but can assist students in a manner that isn’t recognized by counselors and teachers.

He could sit, stand at home, or even come in and, most important of all, be a calm presence for an angry and troublesome student or an unthreatening person to others.

Bear the mellow one-year-old sheepadoodle, is making his summer tour in University High School as the Waco Independent School District’s first emotional support dog. While his specific duties, as well as schedule, are in the process of being developed Bear and their handler English instructor and cheerleader patron Alyssa Grammer, are becoming familiar with The University’s gymnasium and hallways.

The modest Bear is already winning over the University’s cheerleaders while they train and prepare for the start of school.

“He’s their baby,” Grammer declared. “They ultimately want him to be part of their hierarchy. They’ve truly adopted him.”

Bear and a third dog to be conceived in The Greater Waco Advanced Health Care Academy are the latest additions to the district’s mental health services. Waco ISD has added a certified professional counselor for employee assistance this year. Additionally, the district has introduced a brand new social-emotional education for employees and students.




emotional support dog

ESAs Banned on Airplanes? Here’s What You Need to Know as an ESA Owner

“Can my emotional support animal fly with me?” The answer to this question has recently been changed by the Department of Transportation (DOT). In their latest controversial (for some) amendment, the DOT has finally given nod to airline companies to treat emotional support animals as any other ordinary pets.

But what does this exactly mean for a person who owns an ESA?

Well, it surely is bound to have some impact on their lives. But “how deep this effect will be?” is still to be found. Having said that, here are a few ways, ESA doctors NY state, this new DOT guideline may practically affect the lives of ESA owners.

The Rules Until Now

As per the existing rules, ESAs get some special privileges while traveling with their owners. The Air Carrier Access Act currently allows the animals with an ESA certification to fly in-cabin with their owners without any extra fees.

A lot of people nowadays have an ESA to manage their mental health issues. And in many cases, they have got an ESA for the fact that they could travel with it. For many years people have enjoyed this privilege.

However now, the era of ESAs on flights has perhaps come to an end. Let’s see what the new rules say.

What Has Changed?

On Wed, December 3rd, the Department of Transportation made amendments to the Air Carrier Access Act. And well, the amendment surely is big news. With this, airline companies are no longer bound to let the ESAs travel in the cabin with their owners. In short, for airline companies now, an ESA is just like any other regular pet. Unfortunately, this means the ESA owners would have to pay hefty fees for traveling with their ESAs now, and that too not together, but the ESA would go to the cargo section. This is something that almost every ESA owner is going to have a problem with.

But hey, there is still some hope. If you didn’t notice, the DOT hasn’t completely banned ESAs from flying with their owners but has given the airline companies an open hand to decide it for themselves. With this, well, we do have some hope. It’s still possible for an airline to keep following the current protocol.

But Can You Travel With Your ESA For Now?

Well, sure. The new rule was passed on Dec 3rd. And it would take at least 30 days for it to go into effect after it is published officially in the federal register. So, as per the estimates, the rule would come into effect in Jan 2021. For the time being, you may travel with your ESA freely. But you need to follow the same rules, i.e. tell your airline company beforehand and have all the necessary documents.

What’s The Future Like For an ESA?

The decision by the Department of Transportation has surely changed the future of ESAs significantly. With people not being able to travel with their pets, it’s going to be a little less bright. Should we blame this too on the year 2020? Well, that’s up to you.

But hey, as we discussed, there is still hope. A lot now depends on how airline companies react to this. We just hope that some airlines will think progressively and try to keep things as they are. Fingers crossed!

With that being said, we must not forget the other benefits you get by living with an emotional support animal. Under the Fair Housing Act, you can live with your ESA even in a no-pet policy place, without any legal restrictions and free of charge. Also, if you are suffering from a mental condition, there’s a lot an emotional support animal can do for you. Remember, an emotional support animal is there for you no matter what. And it still can play a major role in helping you lead a better and healthier life.

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Can Your Landlord Refuse Your ESA Dog Based on Breed?

It’s perhaps needless to say that a dog is by far the most popular type of emotional support animal in NY. Dogs actually make amazing ESAs, as they are loving and loyal. They provide you with the support that you need to manage your mental health condition and more. And their happy vibe just brightens up your life.

You perhaps are aware of the plethora of benefits of an ESA certification of your pet too, one of which is the permission to live with your pet even in a no-pet policy place. In fact, thousands are already living in the US with their ESA in a rental property.

But there’s one question that we often get from potential ESA owners- Can my landlord deny me accommodation based on the breed of your ESA dog?

Read on to find the answer to this question.

Can You Landlord Deny Accommodation to an ESA Dog?

As per the Fair Housing Act (FHA), which deals with the rights of an ESA in a living space, a landlord cannot deny accommodation to anyone solely on the basis of having an emotional support dog. It’s not only unethical but illegal too. And by doing so, the landlord may invite serious legal trouble. Under the FHA, one must not discriminate against others on the basis of their physical or mental disability in a housing place. Law clearly states that a landlord must provide reasonable accommodation to anyone, no matter their disability, at their place. And also, it’s their duty to arrange proper living space for the ESA too, given the pet doesn’t cause any unnecessary problems to the landlord or the others living nearby.

You must note that all these rules apply to a “no-pets” policy place too.

Can Your Landlord Refuse a Specific ESA Breed?

The answer to this question would be a blank no. Your landlord cannot discriminate against you on the basis of the breed of your emotional support dog. The rules and laws stated under the Fair Housing Act apply to all the ESA dog breed equally, no matter their shape and size.

What About an ESA Species? Can a Landlord Refuse Some Other Animal?

Well, here the answer would be a yes. A dog, as we know, is one of the most common and totally acceptable animals as an ESA. But if you have any other species, your landlord may refuse it. An ESA, you must understand, is a small and domestic animal- the one which you can easily keep as a pet. But if you have an animal quite huge or dangerous, such as a snake, leopard, or crocodile, etc., you may have to face trouble keeping it in a rental place.

How to Talk to Your Landlord About Your ESA Dog?

See, if you want to keep your ESA at a rented place, it’s best to talk to your landlord as soon as possible. Though they can’t deny or cancel your lease if you take an emotional support dog at home, they may have some questions. They may ask you to show them your ESA letter. And if you talk to them on time, they may even like to make proper arrangements for you and the ESA at their property.

Now, while talking about your ESA with your landlord, it’s better to show them your ESA letter yourself. Also, tell them about the species of your ESA. Other than this, you are not entitled to share anything about your condition with your landlord.

It’s also important to note that some landlords and neighbors may have some problems with your ESA. It may be because they fear them being loud, messy, or dangerous. And you must be prepared for it. While talking to them about your ESA, it’s important to be empathetic to their concerns too. You gotta ensure them that they won’t face any problems with your ESA. Tell them that your ESA is trained and well behaved and it won’t cause any trouble to anyone.

A landlord, as you can understand now, cannot refuse your ESA dog on the basis of their breed. However, you need to make sure you inform them as soon as possible about your ESA needs. And make sure they don’t have to face any problem due to your pup. If you do it, the rest all will stay in your favor.

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Emotional Support Dogs: Why Should You Get Them Certified?

There is no lack of information on the internet about how dogs are a great addition to the family. They not only add liveliness to your otherwise dull home but also keep you physically and mentally fit. That’s right. It’s proven that dogs can help improve your immunity. At the same time, a dog will also be that warm hand on the shoulder (in this case a warm paw) in times when you are feeling low. That’s why people suffering from PTSD or patients at a hospital with serious diseases find emotional relief with dogs. 

So, does your dog act like a white cane through your emotional distress? If your answer is a strong yes then you need to get yourself an ESA Letter NY. Now you may wonder, what is it and why do you need one? Let’s find out.

What Is an ESA Letter?

Your dog may be providing you the necessary emotional support but it is not officially an emotional support animal until it is certified. An ESA letter is the certification that gives your dog the official title of an Emotional Support Animal. 

An ESA letter is also often referred to as a prescription letter or an ESA evaluation. It is an official document that only a licensed mental health physician has the authority to give out to you. It basically states that your medical condition needs an emotional support animal as a part of the treatment. So, you can be with your dog at all times without having to deal with any restrictions. 

An ESA letter is not just a treatment for you and a certification for your dog. It also provides several advantages that only a person with an ESA letter can benefit from. 

Why Do You Need an ESA Letter in New York?

You need an ESA letter in New York because it benefits you. It is a smart move that keeps you closer to your dog at all times. You won’t have to fight to travel with your dog or keep it in your rented apartment. That’s because the government allows you certain privileges with an ESA letter. 

Live With Your Dog

According to the Fair Housing Act (FHA), any tenant with mental or physical ability who requires the assistance of animals to conduct everyday activities cannot be discriminated against by the landlord. So, if you want to live with your dog in a property or a society with no-pet policies, you still can with an ESA letter. 

The letter alone is enough to allow you and your dog on the property. The owner cannot ask you for any other documents such as your medical documents. 

Fly With Your Dog Without Restrictions

If you are someone who travels a lot, an ESA letter is the best choice for you. You don’t have to worry about leaving your dog behind or putting them in a cage in the back of an airplane for long hours. According to the Air Carrier Access Act, if you have an ESA letter from a licensed mental health physician, you will be able to take your dog inside the airplane cabin. 

However, make sure to connect with the airport authorities beforehand. There are certain rules every airline has regarding ESAs. For example, your dog needs to be on a leash and should be a size that fits on your lap. Reach the airport an hour before the scheduled time to avoid any complications. 

No Extra Costs

Whether you are living with your pet or traveling with them to a new state or for a vacation, you don’t have to give any extra costs as long as you have a valid ESA letter. No one can ask you to pay or show any other documents. Because the government laws allow you to live and travel with your ESA without any restrictions or costs. 

How to Get an ESA Letter NY?

Getting an ESA letter is not rocket science. All you need to do is connect with a mental health professional. It can be a psychiatrist, a psychologist or a licensed counselor. Get an appointment and receive your ESA letter.

Or you can choose a more convenient way and get your ESA letter from us.

All you have to do is register and fill a form about your medical condition. We will connect you with trained and licensed doctors who will evaluate you to determine if you need an ESA letter or not. If you qualify, you get your letter on your email instantly. If you don’t qualify, you get all your money back. 

So, what are you waiting for? Get your ESA letter NY and say hello to a healthy life with your Emotional Support Dog.

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Is Your Dog Healthy? Decoding The Signs One-by-one

Your dog is your life. It’s quite understandable that you want best for your beloved furry companion. And all that starts by keeping them happy and healthy. For keeping your dog at the top of his shape and health, it is essential to notice specific indicators that will certify that your dog is living a healthy life. Let’s be honest; your dog will be your best mate only when he is feeling fine. So, you must have an idea of some essential points to access your dog’s health.

Your Dog is Alert and Happy 

A healthy dog displays love and care without showing any signs of frustration. They always hold their heads high, keep their eyes bright, and those tail wags of what may be coming next. If they are inquisitive about what’s going around and are energetic about different playdates and fun times. Your dog is in good health. If you notice any changes in your dog’s behavior for more than three days. And you have tried everything to cheer him up, it would be the right time to show him to a vet.

Your Dog is Relishing All His Meals

If you put into words, “if your dog asks for his meals, he is healthy.” Always notice if your dog finishes his meal within 10 minutes. Anything more than that would be the first sign of any underlying condition. If your dog has any gastrointestinal issues or has a fever, he won’t like the concept of food. However, if your dog refuses food for more than 24 hours, you should see his vet right away. But, there are some exceptions to that as well. Certain diseases might cause an increase in your dog’s appetite. Such disorders include digestive disorders, hyperthyroidism, and dogs with an overactive adrenal gland.

Your Dog Has a Shiny Full Coat

This is probably the most obvious characteristic to indicate that your dog is enjoying good health. Although different breeds of dogs carry different types of coats. However, regardless of all that, your dog must have a shirt, spring coat that must not smell or feel greasy. If your dog’s coat seems to be sparse or dull, it indicates that your dog lacks quality nutrition or a presence of essential fats in their diets. Other than that, if your dog starts shedding abnormally, it could be an indicator of an underlying problem. If you see any such issues, we recommend you see a vet right away.

Your Dog Has Clean Ears 

If your dog’s ears are clean from inside with a shiny coating, your dog is healthy. They must not give away any strong odor or produce excessive wax. See for the colors of its discharge. If it appears to be brown or black, they might be infected with an ear problem, allergy, or any hormonal changes. You must provide them with high-quality nutrition. That’s the only way they will be able to improve their overall health. That means no sign of medical issues at all. Instead, they will have a robust immune system. If you are unable to understand their concerns, seeing a doctor will always be helpful.

You Dog Has Sparkly Eyes

If you can see through your dog’s outermost surface of the eye along with patterns of iris, your dog is not suffering from any eye infection. However, any of the following problems might indicate a disease such as tearing, red or white eyelid linings, closed eyes, abnormal pupil size. You can replace plastic bowls with stainless steel as they don’t contain any microbes that might irritate your dog.

Final Thoughts 

Having a dog is more than just having any pets. They are your friend and companion at the same time. We all wish and pray that they could talk to us. But, since that’s not the case, we need to be expert observers about their expressions and keep a check on early signs or symptoms. To do that, understanding some primary symptoms will help you to take care of your emotional support dog. And help to learn about your dog’s needs in the best possible way. After all, managing your dog’s health is entirely in your hands. So, you must do everything to ensure your buddy’s health.