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Is Your Dog Healthy? Decoding The Signs One-by-one

Your dog is your life. It’s quite understandable that you want best for your beloved furry companion. And all that starts by keeping them happy and healthy. For keeping your dog at the top of his shape and health, it is essential to notice specific indicators that will certify that your dog is living a healthy life. Let’s be honest; your dog will be your best mate only when he is feeling fine. So, you must have an idea of some essential points to access your dog’s health.

Your Dog is Alert and Happy 

A healthy dog displays love and care without showing any signs of frustration. They always hold their heads high, keep their eyes bright, and those tail wags of what may be coming next. If they are inquisitive about what’s going around and are energetic about different playdates and fun times. Your dog is in good health. If you notice any changes in your dog’s behavior for more than three days. And you have tried everything to cheer him up, it would be the right time to show him to a vet.

Your Dog is Relishing All His Meals

If you put into words, “if your dog asks for his meals, he is healthy.” Always notice if your dog finishes his meal within 10 minutes. Anything more than that would be the first sign of any underlying condition. If your dog has any gastrointestinal issues or has a fever, he won’t like the concept of food. However, if your dog refuses food for more than 24 hours, you should see his vet right away. But, there are some exceptions to that as well. Certain diseases might cause an increase in your dog’s appetite. Such disorders include digestive disorders, hyperthyroidism, and dogs with an overactive adrenal gland.

Your Dog Has a Shiny Full Coat

This is probably the most obvious characteristic to indicate that your dog is enjoying good health. Although different breeds of dogs carry different types of coats. However, regardless of all that, your dog must have a shirt, spring coat that must not smell or feel greasy. If your dog’s coat seems to be sparse or dull, it indicates that your dog lacks quality nutrition or a presence of essential fats in their diets. Other than that, if your dog starts shedding abnormally, it could be an indicator of an underlying problem. If you see any such issues, we recommend you see a vet right away.

Your Dog Has Clean Ears 

If your dog’s ears are clean from inside with a shiny coating, your dog is healthy. They must not give away any strong odor or produce excessive wax. See for the colors of its discharge. If it appears to be brown or black, they might be infected with an ear problem, allergy, or any hormonal changes. You must provide them with high-quality nutrition. That’s the only way they will be able to improve their overall health. That means no sign of medical issues at all. Instead, they will have a robust immune system. If you are unable to understand their concerns, seeing a doctor will always be helpful.

You Dog Has Sparkly Eyes

If you can see through your dog’s outermost surface of the eye along with patterns of iris, your dog is not suffering from any eye infection. However, any of the following problems might indicate a disease such as tearing, red or white eyelid linings, closed eyes, abnormal pupil size. You can replace plastic bowls with stainless steel as they don’t contain any microbes that might irritate your dog.

Final Thoughts 

Having a dog is more than just having any pets. They are your friend and companion at the same time. We all wish and pray that they could talk to us. But, since that’s not the case, we need to be expert observers about their expressions and keep a check on early signs or symptoms. To do that, understanding some primary symptoms will help you to take care of your emotional support dog. And help to learn about your dog’s needs in the best possible way. After all, managing your dog’s health is entirely in your hands. So, you must do everything to ensure your buddy’s health.